Rollercoaster received positive comments from several publications. Adam B. Vary and Dennis Hensley of The Advocate called the album "surprisingly assured" and noted similarities to George Michael's music, while Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle felt that the album "thrives on a glossy pop sensibility". Guerra wrote that Rollercoaster successfully blends club music with "ballads", "crunchy rock tunes" and "even a '50s-flavored doowop ditty". He and Billboard compared the album's first and second singles respectively to "I'm a Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears. Barry Walters of Out magazine praised Rollercoaster for sounding "more like a solo disc from Justin Timberlake or JC Chasez than the bland pop from most of Idol cohorts". Although Walters suggested that Rollercoaster sounds "prematurely dated" due to its blend of "boy-band dance tracks, mainstream rock, and George Michael-ish balladry", he nonetheless called the album "subversive" for offering a gay perspective, highlighting the track "So Deep" for co-opting the "penetration metaphor" of songs typically performed by female artists.
Diane Anderson-Minshall of Curve magazine wrote that Rollercoaster had found a lesbian fanbase, and Ben Katner of TV Guide considered the album's lead single, "You Turn It On", to be an "infectious club hit". Katner also called the entire album "unrelentingly catchy". Sherrill Fulghum of The Empty Closet positively compared the album to other dance music, writing, "The dance beat is there, but so are other instruments carrying melodies that will entice you to listen deeper." Fulghum wrote that the album "contain interesting lyrics" and also serves as a demonstration of Gabe Lopez's "musicianship".
Guerra singled out the tracks "Welcome to Hollywood" and "Outside" as highlights. He also complimented "You Turn It On" for having a "slinky Neptunes groove". Billboard commented on Rollercoaster's second single, "You're Getting Crazy (Estas Enloqueciendo)", by writing that the song "treads in similar territory , stirring the beats into a simmering frenzy." In 2014, Boston Spirit magazine compiled a list of eight recommended love songs "by gay artists about same-sex romance" and included "Alive" from Rollercoaster.
A less positive review of Rollercoaster came from Jonathan Takiff of the Philadelphia Daily News, who gave the album a C and called it "cheezy". AllMusic did not review the album, but gave it two-and-a-half stars out of five. Although Mark Franklin of The York Dispatch's blog Idol Chatter praised the dance tracks "Forbidden Love", "Move", and "You Turn It On", he criticized Rollercoaster's ballads and gave the album a C-.